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USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

The USDA Nondiscrimination Statement has been updated. All network partners that receive USDA products must use the new statement on their web sites and on all new printed materials.

If you do not update your marketing materials, you will be considered non-compliant and risk losing access to USDA items for your clients.

You need to have the following link to the new USDA Nondiscrimination Statement on your organization’s website homepage:

On any/all printed marketing materials mentioning the pantry:

  • The statement cannot be smaller than 11-point font or the smallest font used in the document.
  • If the full statement does not fit, you may use this shortened statement on one-page documents, pamphlets and fliers, but it must be printed in the same font size as the other text: “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

As part of the site visit we will be checking your website and any printed materials for the USDA nondiscrimination statement. On both the website and the printed materials, the appropriate English and/or Spanish version(s) should be used.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Burton at 1-402-905-4828

We value your partnership as we work together to feed the hungry across Nebraska and western Iowa. You are making a difference in the lives of your neighbors in need. Thank you for your efforts.

You are a trusted partner

More than 225 pantries, emergency shelters and other nonprofit organizations rely on food from Food Bank for the Heartland to meet their clients’ needs. Whether they serve 30 families or 30,000, all of our network partners can count on us as a trusted source of food products.

The Food Bank works with our nonprofit partners to alleviating hunger in Nebraska and western Iowa. We distribute more than 13 million meals through our network partners. We share best practices with our network partners so they may learn and apply cost-effective methods for safe food service, handling and distribution.

We do not charge for food; however, network partners are asked to assist in the cost of soliciting, collecting, storing and distributing food. Our network partners contribute a shared maintenance fee of 0 cents to 16 cents per pound.

If you wish to become a network partner, please read through the prospective agency application packet. For more information, please contact Lea Franck.

Network Resource Center

The Food Bank for the Heartland Network Resource Center offers the instructions, information and links you need to make ordering and reporting easy and efficient. Look up a reporting number, learn about food safety and more. Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact us today.

Placing orders
Reporting numbers

You asked and we answered, Food Bank for the Heartland’s online reporting system is up and running! No need to mail in reports regarding the number of people you serve each month. Simply log in to the site you use to place orders ( and click the “Statistics” tab. Use the drop down boxes to enter the month and year the report is for.

  • If you serve meals on site to your clients, enter the number of meals and snacks you served during the month.
  • If you are a pantry, enter the number of households and individuals you served during the month.
    • If you are a USDA pantry, enter the total number of households and individuals served, then enter the number of USDA households and individuals served.

Then simply click “Submit Statistics” in the bottom, right-hand corner, and you’re finished!

Reporting will no longer be due on a quarterly basis. Instead, reports will be due monthly on the 5th of the following month. You will not be able to place a future order until we receive your report for the previous month so please make sure that you are submitting these reports in a timely manner.

Report for: Due by 11:59pm CT on:
January 2021 Friday, February 5, 2021
February 2021 Friday, March 5, 2021
March 2021 Monday, April 5, 2021
April 2021 Wednesday, May 5, 2021
May 2021 Saturday, June 5, 2021
June 2021 Monday, July 5, 2021
July 2021 Thursday, August 5, 2021
August 2021 Sunday, September 5, 2021
September 2021 Tuesday, October 5, 2021
October 2021 Friday, November 5, 2021
November 2021 Sunday, December 5, 2021
December 2021 Wednesday, January 5, 2022


We no longer accept reports that have been mailed, scanned, or faxed in. Please complete all reporting for 2021 online. If you did not serve any clients during a particular month, simply enter zero for that month and submit. These reports need to be accurate as this information will be shared with the state. We will be checking to make sure that all pantries and meal providers are reporting numbers.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Burton at 1-402-905-4828

Agency resources
Food safety resources

Become our partner
in the fight against hunger.

Download the Prospective Partner Application Packet

 Become a network partner

Join the system of network partners who are leading the fight against hunger! A partnership with Food Bank for the Heartland enables an organization to order food products to better serve its community.

A nonprofit organization wishing to receive food from Food Bank for the Heartland can apply to become a network partner. Below is an application packet that must be completed. Please contact Lea Franck with any questions.

Application Process:

  • Read through the Prospective Partner Application Packet for a brief overview of Food Bank for the Heartland.
  • Complete the pre-application checklist to determine whether to proceed with the application process.
  • Fill out the Membership Application and Agreement forms and return them to the Food Bank.
  • Provide the Food Bank with a copy of your 501(c)(3) IRS tax exemption letter or the IRS Church Qualifier form (enclosed in the packet).
  • The Food Bank will conduct a review of the service area for unmet needs. The application process proceeds if the area is underserved.
  • Pass a site visit conducted by the Food Bank.
  • Complete Food Safety Training.
Download the Prospective Partner Application Packet

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