Fridge Grant Application

Food Bank for the Heartland is awarding one Network Partner with a used three-section, glass door refrigerator from True Manufacturing. Unit is approximately 79’ x 79′, with 72 cubic feet of storage. Doors swing outward when opened.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, May 12.
Please use the form below.

In applying for and accepting the used three-section refrigerator from Food Bank for the Heartland, the Network Partner is agreeing to the following:

  • The item will be granted to the Network Partner in its current condition. Food Bank for the Heartland is not responsible for any maintenance, upkeep, or repairs following the transfer of the item.
  • Network Partner is agreeing to transport the awarded item from Food Bank for the Heartland’s distribution center, located at 10525 J Street, Omaha, NE, 68127, approximately 2-4 weeks after the initial award date. If this is not possible, the Network Partner can come to an agreed-upon date in coordination with appropriate Food Bank staff.
  • The awarded item must be utilized for community food distribution or storage purposes only.
  • Acceptance of this item does not disqualify a Network Partner from current or future rounds of Food Bank for the Heartland capacity grants.
Photo of the type of fridge Network Partners can apply for.
Photo shows an example of the type of fridge that will be awarded.

Network Partners – True Fridge Grant (May 2023)

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