Recipes and inspiration

Preparing nutritious meals on a budget can be challenging if you don’t know how to get started. Below are recipes and other resources to help you manage your food budget and eat healthy. The recipes featured on our Pinterest page utilize the Food Bank’s most commonly donated items.

30 minute Chili
Barbecued Chicken
Quick & Easy Lasagna
Spaghetti Casserole
Tortilla Pizza
Uses for Pancake Mix


Create healthy eating habits.


Stretch your budget

The smartest shoppers know that saving money is more than luck. When shopping for groceries, it’s about having a game plan and making smart decisions about what to put in your cart.

Stretch your dollar with these helpful tips:

  1. Make a grocery list.

    Stay organized with a grocery list to avoid buying items you don’t really need.

  2. Eat before you shop.

    Grocery shopping hungry can lead to impulse buying and unhealthy food choices.

  3. Read the sales flyer.

    Sales flyers are usually released mid-week and can be found at the store’s entrance, in the newspaper or on their website.

  4. Use coupons – but only for items that you know you’ll use.

    If you don’t need an item right away, save the coupon and see if it goes on sale.

  5. Look up and down for savings.

    Stores often stock the priciest items at eye level. You can save big by looking at the upper and lower shelves too.

  6. Check for store brands.

    Most stores offer their own brand of products that often cost less than name brands.

  7. Grab from the back.

    Stores typically stock shelves from back to front, placing the newest items behind the older ones. Reach in the back for the freshest items especially in the produce,dairy and meat aisles.

  8. Ask for a rain check.

    If a sale item has run out, ask the store for a rain check. This allows you to pay the sale price after the item is restocked.

  9. Compare unit prices.

    You can usually find the unit price on the shelf tag below a food item. It will often be listed as “price per ounce” or “price per gallon”. Choose item with the lower unit cost.

  10. Join your store’s loyalty program.

    Most stores offer a free loyalty program. Get special offers and discounts that non-members do not.