Inflation takes a toll on seniors

40 Faces of 40 Years Butch

On a frigid Wednesday afternoon in November, Butch waits in his car amid several rows of other vehicles parked at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Red Oak, Iowa. Each of them lined up—sometimes up to an hour and a half early—to wait for the Food Bank’s mobile pantry to begin. According to Feeding America, 9% of adults and 14% of children in Montgomery County, Iowa are facing food insecurity.

Butch is retired and according to him, “retirement just doesn’t cover it.” He’s saddened by how inflation has impacted his small-knit community. “It’s hit pretty hard. I feel sad seeing how much it’s gone up so fast. A lot of people can’t afford anything, so this helps a lot.” 

Struggling with hunger isn’t the only hardship for Butch. He lost his brother last year around Thanksgiving and tells us he’s still grieving. Despite his loss—and the challenges he’s facing—Butch is always looking for ways to give back. With the fresh food loaded in his vehicle, he is grateful for support from the Food Bank. Butch says this act of kindness will inspire him to find ways to help the good people of Red Oak during these difficult times.

“I try to help people whenever I can. I’ve lived here for 61 years. This is my home and always will be. It’s a good town to live in. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just plain ol’ good people.” 

Thousands of Heartland neighbors like Butch have found themselves in the unexpected position of needing food assistance due to inflation. Thanks to you, the Food Bank along with our Network Partners—are working relentlessly to provide our communities with healthy meals and hope for a brighter future.