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Food Bank Client

Food Bank for the Heartland

Katina is a part-time student in Metropolitan Community College’s Culinary Arts and Management program. She loves cooking and learning new things. She works as a banquet server through a temp agency.

Katina has eight grandchildren, and she currently lives with her mother. Some of her grandchildren lived with them until recently.

Katina moved back to Omaha in 2009. She had no money and was homeless for a while. She visited Together, one of Food Bank for the Heartland 535 agency partners, to get food and toiletries once a month. She got fresh fruits, vegetables and bread. She said there was so much nice food, and the staff was great.

It took Katina a year to find a job. When she started working, she didn’t need to visit Together as frequently.

When some of her grand kids moved into the house Katina shares with her mom, there were more mouths to feed. Katina had to pawn some of her jewelry to buy food. When the food ran out, Katina went back to Together for help. She practiced knife cuts on potatoes she received before using them in a recipe for her family.

Katina is now in a more stable place and is hoping to be going to school full time soon. She is looking into moving into her own home. She wants to volunteer and give back to the community that helped her.

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