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A Message from Susan Ogborn

As I write this letter Israel and Hamas are bombing each other hourly; Iran and Iraq are once again indistinguishable in their hatred for the West; Southern Sudan is experiencing the chaos and terror involved in creating self-government; thousands of children have arrived in this country alone and seeking asylum while our elected leaders argue about how fast they should be sent back to where they came from. Sometimes the world seems bent upon self-destruction, and I wonder why God puts up with us.

Then I meet a woman named Gina. Gina has 5 children under the age of 7, including 2 sets of twins. When the second set of twins was born, their father took off saying this was more than he’d signed up for and more than he could handle. Gina works full-time in the evenings; her mother comes over to put the kids to bed and stay with them while Gina is at work. This day Gina and her kids came to lunch at one of our Kids Cruisin’ Kitchen sites, all 5 children holding hands, standing quietly in line to be served. Gina remained a few feet away watching them. I encouraged her to have lunch also, but she passed saying it was more important that the children eat. As we chatted she told me her story, without complaint, without self-pity. Last summer when the children were out of school, she let them choose whether they would eat lunch or dinner as she could only afford one meal a day. This year, she joyfully reported, they were able to have lunch and dinner because of the KCK meals and she had gotten a raise that allowed them to have 2 meals a day on the weekend.

Gina is why God doesn’t give up on us.

Regardless of our propensity to make bad decisions, to put our health, wellness and safety at risk, to wage verbal and physical war on those we identify as dangerous or different, God loves us and expects us to be better. Better than our basest fears, better than our need for immediate gratification, better than our need to be right and righteous. God expects us to help one another, to see the good in each creation, and to reach beyond our selves to make the world a better place.

Thank you for your support, for making this corner of the world a better place. Thank you for seeing the needs of the world beyond yourself and your immediate family. Thank you for helping Gina feed her children.

Susan E. Ogborn
President & CEO

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